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Diplom Thesis


The concept behind my diploma thesis of my interior study is a fossilised organism in a salt mine.
All walls and furniture a smooth connected and create a big picture of organic architecture.
The club is divided into the main room, with bar, and DJ pulpit, a gallery with another bar and various seating areas. An open lounge, a second club with DJ and bar, a chillout zone and the sanitary facilities are adjacent to the main room.

The main floor material is smoothed asphalt, which runs through the entire ground floor.
The dance floor is lowered by an illuminated stage. The walls are made of prefabricated parts and partly-prefabricated, partly adapted on site, covered with a synthetic fiber lacquer on site. The seating areas are covered with artificial leather. A bluish microfiber textile was used in the chill-out area. The sanitary area is planned in Corian.