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Hyundai Motor Company
Innocean Worldwide Europe GmbH
Geneva International Motor Show 2017
Geneva, Switzerland
07.03. – 19.03.2017


We got briefed with launching two cars to a global audience – the FE Fuel Cell Concept and the New Generation i30 Wagon, showcasing Hyundai’s pioneering spirit and leadership in fuel cell technology. The elements water and pioneering were taken as the creative thread.
We chose to do this in an innovative and visually stunning way. The resulting concept for architecture is the waterfall. The main LED continues into the innovation stripe with floor LED stripes and expand to the sides into a fabric curtain, animated in correspondence to the contend of the Main LED.

For the press conference we decided to do this by filming two World Record holders and pioneers in the field of water, Herbert Nitsch, the World free diving record holder showcased the FE Fuel Cell concept and Grant Twiggy Baker, the newly crowned WSL Big Wave World Champion, the New Generation i30 Wagon.
The digital activations, presented in Geneva, were also following this concept. We developed a smaller version from the first T-OLED exhibit telling the IONIQ story. In the brandwalk we installed a real waterfall exhibit, called IONIQ wishing wall. People interact with a kinect camera and could upload their wishes into the cloud. In idle mode the wishes were presented to the audience.